The products of Aceros Metal Treatment are often used in the maritime industry. Below you will find an overview of how our products are applied. By regular maintenance and cleaning of stainless steel and other non-ferrous metals, the maritime industry saves costs and also ensures that your boat or ship is always good looking.

Innoshine B570 ® and Innocare B580 ®

Innoshine B570 ® is a deep cleaner which removes rust and Innocare B580 ® a neutral and mild cleaner which also provides a protective layer at nano scale. You can find comprehensive information about both these products on our product page

Removing rust and rust stains

A known problem for the maritime industrie: corrosion (rust) and other deposits on stainless steel and other non-ferrous metals. Whether it’s rust on the railing, the hull, deck or construction, Aceros Metal Treatment provides the solution.

Advice and cleaning

Aceros Metal Treatment is working with specialists in surface treatment of non-ferrous metal. We are therefore in a perfect position to check your boat or ship and the equipment on it for corrosion and other contamination. Based on this analysis we will provide you with an efficient advice.

Cleaning non-ferrous metals is a specialty job. This often means that as a client you don’t possess the knowledge and/or manpower needed to perform a cleaning job. Aceros Metal Treatment has special service teams which consist of well trained, SCC certified employers with experience in specialist cleaning