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The products of Aceros Metal Treatment are often used for the cleaning and maintenance of buildings. Below you will find an overview of how our products are applied.

Innoshine B570 ® and Innocare B580 ®

Innoshine B570 ® is a deep cleaner which removes rust and Innocare B580 ® a neutral and mild cleaner which also provides a protective layer at nano scale. You can find comprehensive information about both these products on our product page

Removing rust and rust stains

In each building where stainless steel and other non-ferrous metals are used, it is a known problem: rust and rust deposits. In addition to the negative appearance, rust also comes with a few risks. The longer rust has the time the larger the chance it corrodes right through, which can cause fractures and other problems. Rust should be treated quickly. Using Innoshine B570 ® is an effective way, and by then treating the surface with Innocare B580 ® to prevent future rust a much as possible

Rust removal of handrails and spindles

Rust and other deposits on handrails, balusters and other non-ferrous surfaces in your building are quickly and easily removed with our unique products. Read more about Innoshine B570 ® (rust remover) and Innocare B580 ® (stainless steel conditioner) on our product pages or order a starter kit directly!

Innospray B600 ®

Innospray B600 ® is a ready to use cleaner which is especially suitable for removing stains and fingerprints. Innospray B600 ® dries quickly and streak-free and is therefore great for removing fingerprints from for example elevator doors and banisters. Innospray B600 ® is suitable for daily usage.