Dental professionals

The products of Aceros Metal Treatment are often used in the dental practice. Below you will find an overview of how our products are applied.

Innoshine B570 ® and Innocare B580 ®

A known problem for all dentists, dental hygienists and orthodontists: flash rust on the instruments. Light, brownish discolorations which are aesthetically displeasing, as well as potentially forming a breeding ground for micro-organisms. Until recently there were very few products to treat it, this because aggressive products aren’t safe enough to use on dental instruments.

Innoshine B570 ® is a 100 % organic product, and therefore safe for humans and the environment. The product Is hard against flash rust and other contaminations, but gentle on the metal and won’t degrade the oxide layer. When you apply this product to the instruments and wait just for a little bit, the flash rust can be easily removed with the swipe of your sponge. Innoshine B570 ® is sold in combination with Innocare B580 ®; this – also 100 % organic- product is used to remove any leftover residue, as well as leaving a protective layer at nano scale which prevents flash rust as much as possible in the future.

Various dental professionals have experienced our products and are highly enthusiastic about this solution to end the flash rust.