The products of Aceros Metal Treatment are often used by consumers. Below you will find an overview of how our products are applied.

Innoshine B570 ® and Innocare B580 ®

Innoshine B570 ® is a deep cleaner which removes rust and Innocare B580 ® a neutral and mild cleaner which also provides a protective layer at nano scale. You can find comprehensive information about both these products on our product page.

Removing flash rust from your outdoor furniture

Innoshine B570 ® is especially suitable for removing (flash) rust and other tarnishing from your outdoor furniture. This powerful deep cleaner will leave your outdoor furniture shiny as if it was new.

We recommend you use Innocare B580 ® afterward. It will effectively remove the very last residue and will leave a protective layer at nano scale.

Removing rust and rust stains

Everyone knows the problems with rust and rust stains. In addition to the negative appearance, rust also comes with a few risks. The longer rust has the time the larger the chance it corrodes right through, which can cause leaking and other problems. Rust should be treated quickly. Using Innoshine B570 is an effective way, and by then treating the surface with Innocare B580 to prevent future rust a much as possible.

Innospray B600
Innospray B600 is a ready to use cleaner which is especially suitable for removing stains and fingerprints. Innospray B600 dries quickly and streak-free and and ensures that your stainless steel always looks good.

Stainless steel hood cleaning

It is a known problem, cleaning your stainless steel hood (streak-free). Using Innospray B600 ® ensures that your cooker hood is always shining. Innospray B600 ® remove (fat) stains and fingerprints quickly and easily from your hood and furthermore dries quickly without streaking.

Stainless steel cooker cleaning

A stainless steel cooker or stove is wonderful to see, but it is often difficult to keep it that way. Maintaining and cleaning a stainless steel cooker gives you 2 distinct problems:

1. The appearance of streaks after cleaning
After cleaning your stove or cooker while using normal detergents, there remains streaks. Use of Innospray B600 prevents this, because it dries quickly and streak-free. Furthermore Innospray B600 ® very suitable for removing light pollution (fat) stains and fingerprints from the stainless steel cooktop.

2. Brown deposits / stains around the stove
With the appearance of brown deposits and / or stains around the stove of a stainless steel cooker, it is not sufficient to clean with Innospray B600. It is also not recommended to use detergents with abrasive particles or high acidity, just like the the use of scouring pads is not recommended. This ensures that scratches on your cooker arise. For the removal of these brown deposits Innocare B580 ® is very suitable. This mild and neutral cleaner effectively removes the contamination and applies a protective layer on the nanoscale.