The products of Aceros Metal Treatment are often used for the cleaning and maintenance of artworks. Below you will find an overview of how our products are applied.

Remove rust from your stainless steel work of art?

Rust and other contaminants are a known problem for stainless steel artworks. The rust attacks the artwork, making the artwork to look bad. It also creates the risk of corrosion, resulting in a permanently damaged artwork. By using our unique rust removal and metal treatment products, the rust is easily removed of your artwork and it keeps your artwork in perfect condition.

Innoshine B570 ® is a deep cleaner which removes rust and Innocare B580 ® a neutral and mild cleaner which also provides a protective layer at nano scale.

Let your artwork shine again!

Over time your artwork can look dull. With Innopolish B520 ® you bring back the shine of your metal artwork!

A thorough cleaning for your artwork?

Cleaning non-ferrous metals is a specialty job. This often means that as a client you don’t possess the knowledge and/or manpower needed to perform a cleaning job. Aceros Metal Treatment has special service teams which consist of well trainedemployers with experience in specialist cleaning. Your stainless steel artwork is in perfect condition after usage of our cleaning service!