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Clean stainless steel with Innospray B600

Innospray B600 is a ready to use cleaner for waterproof surfaces. It is highly suitable for removing (grease) stains and fingerprints. By first spraying Innospray B600 on a microfiber cloth and then wiping the stainless steel it will dry up streak-free. It is easy to use and suitable for daily cleaning of waterproof surfaces like handrails, elevators, kitchens et cetera.

Why is this an unique stainless steel cleaner?

There are plenty stainless steel cleaning products available. What makes Innospray B600 so unique?

  • Innospray B600 dries quickly and streak-free on stainless steel
  • Innospray B600 removes fingerprints quickly and effectively
  • Innospray B600 is easy to use
  • NSF certified, Innospray B600 may be used in the food industry

NB. Innospray B600 cannot be used on acrylic glass and piano varnish.

How to use video for Innospray B600