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Here you can read several questions asked to us frequently, and the answers. Don’t you find yours? Then contact us we will answer you as soon as possible.

How much Innosoft B570 ® do I need to clean up 1 m2 filthy inox?
This depends on various factors like: pollution degree, quality of inox, mechanically or manual use of Innosoft B570 ®, etc. In other words: it is not possible to give a general rule, but when you uses a starters kit you can experience soon how much m2 you can clean with 250 ml Innosoft B570 ®.

How long will inox remain in good condition after use of Innoprotect B580 ®?
Also this depends on situation factors like: the quality of the material, environment influences (aerosols or iron particles in the immediate surroundings will always have a disastrous influence on inox!). We experienced inox longer than 2 years in top condition after using Innoprotect, but we can’t guarantee. The fact is that inox needs maintenance, so orderly use of maintenance products remains necessary.

Don’t Innosoft B570 ® attack the coat of lacquer?
No, Innosoft B570 ® is not aggressive, so it is safe for lacquer and coating. Yet it is necessary to be careful near to natural stone, for this can by Innosoft B570 ® discolor or tarnish.

Is Innosoft B570 ® perishable?
No, Innosoft B570 ® and Innoprotect B580 ® are not perishable. Just it is important to shake before use!

Is Innosoft B570 ® suitable for car rims and bike parts?
Yes, it is! Car rims and bike parts are often made of aluminium, but you will experience that corrosion of this also disappears!

Can Innosoft B570 ® and Innoprotect B580 ® be produced under private label?
Yes, certainly it can. From 500 flacons we can supply the products under private label, so you can give it as service products to your customers or can resell it.

Is it possible to use Innosoft B570 ® upon anodized aluminium and copper, and is it suitable against rouging?
Yes. Although Innosoft has been primary developed for stainless steel, it also has unique functions for aluminium, copper and even carbon steel. If used on aluminium it is very important to use Innoprotect B580 ® after cleaning, to repassivise the aluminium. Furthermore Innosoft B570 ® is perfect against rouging.